Cooking for one can seem hardly worth it, but when you want to eat as healthy as possible it’s your best option. I’ve cleaned up my diet quite a bit from the way I used to eat by eating lower in carbohydrates and smaller portions, but I still struggle with finding the motivation to cook a healthy meal for myself. When vegetables are something I have to force myself to eat it’s important to find recipes I love and are as easy and quick as possible.

I recently stumbled upon A Couple Cooks blog and I was instantly intrigued. Not only are they from Indianapolis, but they just started The Pretty Simple Cooking Club. The idea of the club is they post 3 recipes a month. You can try all three or only do one. Each person in the club buys their all vegetarian Pretty Simple Cooking cookbook, makes the recipe and then takes a picture of it to post on social media. While it’s an excellent marketing opportunity for them, it also helps the readers make easy, delicious recipes by adding more vegetables to their diet and maybe even make some friends along the way!

Now I told you that it’s really hard for me to add these vegetables to my diet, so I started out with one of the non-vegetable options for September which is the Cherry Almond Breakfast Cereal. (I know, baby steps guys, baby steps!) The recipe was SUPER simple and it was a very easy clean-up. I’m going to eat a small portion of it on the days I workout with my usual two hardboiled eggs for breakfast. The cereal has lots of fall flavors like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and all-spice. This would also be great to put into gift bags and give out to friends. The club just started, so if this sounds like something you want to join search it on Facebook to be added to the group. I’ll be posting more of my creations from the book on Instagram, so stay tuned!